Innovation and Technology Bureau Funded
Compliance & Quality Platform

A Single Platform for your Supply Chain Management with Higher Efficiency and Cost Saving.

Compliance Software as a Service

The Best Software for Sourcing Manager, Compliance Manager, Quality Manager.

Technical Consultation

Global regulatory compliance, safety standards & risk assessment

Data Management

Reports, certificates, technical files housekeeping & reports expiry alert

Performance Analysis

Quality evaluations, Pass/Fail rate, defects & QA/QC cost spending

Quality Assurance Platform

The Best Marketplace for all your Product Testing, Inspection and Factory Audit need.

Sourcing the Best Testing Rate

Source the best laboratory quotes or utilize ICW partnered labs contracted rate.

Ultra Fast Quotations for All Testing Needs

Test provides quick quotations with competitive prices through our various connections. Find the most attractive option for your needs.

Check Product Condition & Ensure Conformity

Inspect is the marketplace to check product condition and conformity at any stage of the production. Consistent inspections which minimise the risk of defective products.

Evaluate Factories Qualifications & Operations

Retailers and Brands use ICW Audit as a platform to evaluate factories’ qualifications and operations, thereby mitigating business risk and reduce audit cost.

ICW Helps Retailers, Brands and Manufacturers Improve
Supply Chain Compliance and Product Quality with Big Data Technology

Quality Improvement Requires Cost and Knowledge

ICW Benefits include:

Cost Saving & Supervision

Backed by Professional
Regulatory Compliance Experts

Minimize Non-conformity Risk

Visualize Quality KPI &
Performance through Data Technology

Why Choose ICW?

ICW Advantages are


We are Founded by Right People.
Over 15 Years Leading Role in Testing & Certifications and IT.
We Owned Domain and Process Knowledge, Not Just IT or an Excel Sheet.


We Patented Our Regulatory Compliance Workflow, Quality Management and Analytics Technology. We are the Champion in Multiple International Technology Competition such as Alibaba Jumpstarter, HKICT, CMG Cup.


Center of International Trade. Integrity is Core. HK Government 1st Investment in Technology Platfrom via ITVF.

Quality Service

From Quality Industry. Understood People. And Satisfactory came from Service Quality.




Quality Service

Our Customers

Our customers love using ICW for its simplicity and effectiveness in aiding them in their product compliance.

Our Latest Update

Compile Your Technical Dossiers Intelligently Effortlessly

AWe are now launching the AI Reports & Certificates Management System.

You can now build your database with powerful data analytics and smart assistant.

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