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Customer Story

How Lashify Improves Product Testing Efficiency and Ensures Successful Outcomes with ICW’s Solution

Explore Lashify’s Product Testing Process with ICW

Lashify is the pioneering DIY lash extension business in the beauty industry. With over 280 patents and 210 trademarks worldwide, they have invented and designed lashes, tools, adhesives and systems that allow individuals to create salon-quality lash extensions at home. With ICW’s solution, Lashify saves time on product testing, allowing them to focus on product development.

ICW has been an excellent partner in helping us get multiple quotations from major test laboratories. ICW’s service helped us save a lot of time so that we could focus on other aspects of product development.

Uncertainty about product testing requirements and inefficiency in obtaining laboratory quotes.

Lashify was expanding their product line and had launched their first electronic product “The LED Control Kit”. However, the testing requirements are complex and hard to verify due to the uniqueness of the product. In the meantime, collecting quotations from different laboratories takes time, making them difficult to concentrate on product development.

Key challenges Lashify was facing before using ICW solutions:

  1. Unsure about how to get a pass result for their new product.
  2. Time-consuming and inconvenient to collect quotations from different laboratories.
Get technical support for product testing & receive multiple quotations at once.

Lashify turned to ICW’s solution that they can receive consistent support throughout the product testing process. ICW’s product safety experts provided comprehensive guidance on compliance concerns and helped identify product testing requirements for their products. Moreover, Lashify benefited from the convenience of receiving multiple quotations from different laboratories so that they could choose the most cost-effective option.

ICW helped us navigate the testing complexity for our first electronic product: The LED control kit.

Lab Quotations & Book Product Testing Service

Get quotations from global laboratories and book with the best option.

Professional Consultation

Get technical support regarding compliance concerns.

Find out more about ICW’s solutions here.

Successful outcomes for product testing

ICW has good relationships with the labs and helps make sure we get a pass test result.

Improved efficiency in collecting quotations from laboratories

ICW’s service helped us save a lot of time, so we could focus on other aspects of product development.

ICW’s solutions have delivered remarkable results to Lashify by assuring them of successful outcomes during product testing. ICW’s services have also significantly reduced the time required to collect quotations from multiple laboratories. With ICW, Lashify has experienced enhanced efficiency, enabling them to focus on driving innovation and growth.
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