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Consumer Product Safety Review (e-CPSR)

Build trust and protect your cyber-customers from unsafe products on your online marketplace

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Build trust and protect your cyber-customers from unsafe


Cross-border e-Commerce opens more regulatory risks


e-CPSR provides the speedist safety reviews


Digital Certification of Conformity for customs import

e-Commerce Challenges: Preventing non-compliant products​

  • Online sellers have quick access to to cyber-consumers ahead of product safety checks.

  • e-Commerce platforms have a staggering quantity of stock-keeping units (SKUs) and a mind-boggling assortment. Safety checks of individual items manually have become impractical.

  • Cross-border e-Commerce opens more regulatory risks as safety regulations are not standardised globally.
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Building a Safer Digital Landscape Management

ICW has launched an online Consumer Product Safety Review platform (e-CPSR) to ensure products sold on the e-commerce platform meet the relevant safety regulations in the country where the consumer is located.​

  • Provision of test requirements with our data intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capturing of report data
  • Smart check of report conformity against applicable market-entry test requirements
  • Recommendations for corrective actions and remediations
  • Digital Certificate of Conformity for customs import
  • Analytics with insight into the competency profile of your suppliers and the common non-compliant issues

Speediest Safety Reviews

e-CPSR provides the speediest safety reviews compatible with the e-Commerce dynamics, traceability and affordability. 

Online marketplaces have a greater obligation to take more responsibility for product safety to build consumer trust and comply with the increasing safety regulations from authorities.

Contact us today at to see how e-CPSR can support your initiatives to ensure the safety of goods online.

e-CPSR Pricing


USD 120
  • Regular Review
  • 10 Business Days


50% Subcharge
  • Express Review
  • 30% Faster*


100% Subcharge
  • Shuttle Review
  • 70% Faster*

* Compared to Regular Review