Want to streamline your compliance workflow process?

ICW makes compliance work easier by streamlining your compliance process, saving money, and ensuring cost efficiency.

Get better offers for your compliance work

Our platform connects you with various different testing bodies so you can enjoy the most competitive offers for your compliance needs.

Connect instantly with labs and institutes worldwide

We will help find you a suitable service provider. ICW is connected with worldwide laboratories & institutes in a single hub.

Store and organise all your reports and documents

Our online system stores all reports, certificates and relevant quality documents.

The only platform you need to manage your entire compliance process.

The ICW platform locates all the files used in your online supply chain management process. This reduces the risk of both losing your data due to unexpected hardware issues, and also the risk of potential knowledge loss caused by staff turnover.

Place your request
Discover the best fit offer for your needs
Process job application
Get results and reports online
Process payment

Smooth quotation requesting

We guide you step by step to draw up a comprehensive bill of specifications, so you get relevant and faster replies from laboratories. A mishap when you are working on a tender, or just need a break? Save your draft and pick up where you left off. We won’t make you start again from scratch.

Customise connections to find relevant service providers

We automatically locate suitable laboratories customised for your specific needs in our hub. At the click of a button you can order any testing, inspection or audit service you require.

Manage all your documents and your compliance work status

All your documents are automatically stored and filed on your personal cloud account. You can access them whenever you need them and will receive related notifications for your project’s milestones.

Backup complete

Handle different compliance work with various laboratories & institutes at the same time

Boost your company’s revenue, work efficiency and risk management skills by using our product to manage your compliance process from the product design stage, all the way to the production and shipment stages.

ICW makes our job easier and everything faster. We use the ICW platform to improve efficiency, reduce costs and reduce the complexity of dealing with compliance

Keem IPQA/QC Manager, Goliath Games