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Product Testing and Inspection Platform – TICMART

Product Testing and Inspection Platform – ICW

TICMART (ICW) provides a platform that will vastly improve your product compliance process. By using our QA marketplace, your quality assurance and product inspection procedures will be greatly simplified. Our QA marketplace acts as a price comparison website, allowing you to seamlessly filter through 100s of inspection quotations from various labs to find the perfect quote for you. Instead of individually researching different labs’ features and prices, our centralised platform means all the information you need is available to you in one place. This way, you will save both time and resources when seeking quality assurance or a product inspection. As well as a price comparison feature, Ticmart offers users a uniquely designed compliance software service. This software allows you to supervise all of your suppliers and products once again on a single, centralised platform. We’ll show you KPIs of your suppliers and products, allowing you to evaluate which of your suppliers or products are doing better than others. Another benefit of our software is it will keep you up to date with any changes in compliance regulations – you will be the first to know if your product compliance documents need updating. Drastically increasing the efficiency of your quality assurance and product inspection processes is the main aim of our platform.

Backed by a team of compliance experts, any product compliance issue you have will be handled quickly and effectively. Should you have any product compliance queries outside of office hours, our intelligent manager is available 24/7 ensuring you have online support round the clock. We have partnerships with top labs across the world, so you are guaranteed a quality service all around when choosing Ticmart. Our platform also leverages big data analytics and artificial intelligence, allowing us to provide the best possible experience to our customers. All these factors combined mean when it comes to finding competitive inspection quotations, ensuring your products are conformant and other product compliance matters, ICW) is the place to go.