Webinar: The Compliance Process – Providing Proof to your Customers

compliance process

This is the fourth of our Compliance Process webinar series. This webinar will provide a discussion of of what information and documentation should you provide to customers to display compliance. If you work with product compliance, regulatory compliance, supply chain management, or have a general interest in safety, please register today for this discussion.


Topics covered during the webinar will include:

  • Information for retailers versus brands versus manufacturers
  • Typical requirements including protocols, bespoke, and labs
  • Data collection and communications
  • Technical compliance file
  • Certification vs verification vs self-declaration of compliance
  • Document management

The webinar will help your business to manage compliance, mitigate risks, protect your brand and revenue streams, and provide positioning approaches leading to competitive advantages.

Our presenters include Geraldine Cosh, Ralph Tilon, and Joel Pekay.


Geraldine Cosh, Product Safety Consultant with Geraldine Cosh Consulting, will share an overview of requirements and current challenges. Geraldine is an experienced and committed safety professional with extensive experience in the areas of injury prevention, risk management, and project management.


Joel Pekay, ICW’s North American representative, will moderate the webinar and share insight into a comprehensive approach to compliance. He is an enterprising customer focused B2B growth engine leader. His achievements include launching Dekra’s consumer goods division in North America and building Intertek’s global Health, Environmental, and Regulatory solutions.

The webinar is sponsored by ICW. ICW helps retailers and brands improve supply chain compliance and product quality with big data technology. We offer a patented software for compliance information and workflow management. ICW provides a best-in-class solution for sourcing, compliance, and quality managers.

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