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Product Testing FAQs

Today’s sourcing is complicated with proliferations of new safety standards and increasing complexity of products. Retailers, brands, manufacturers, exporters and importers must be mindful of product quality and safety requirements of their target markets. Failure to do so results in costly product recalls, legal issues, and reputational damage. Laboratory testing would enable you to sell, manufacture or distribute your products meeting the mandatory regulations and consumer expectations.
Most of the consumer goods are tested for either US or European market. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) of US government issues mandatory safety regulations to protect the safety of the public. ASTM standards are also widely used as safety requirements such as ASTM F963 for Toys and children’s product in USA. European Commission publishes Safety Directives and its associated testing standards such as EN71 for toys products and all the imported products must comply with the relevant directives and safety standards. Other countries like China (GB standards), Japan (JIS standards) or Gulf countries (GCC standards) has their own mandatory requirement but they bear great similarities to either the US or European standards. ISO (international standards of organisation) standards are also adopted as an alternative safety standards for some countries.
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