Système de stockage de rapports / certificats intelligent

Le meilleur moyen de gérer votre rapport / certificat

It's unlimited

We keep all your records and certificates online with secured and unlimited cloud storage. Basic Plan provides 2GB storage.

It's smart

We remind you when and what reports and certificates to update.

It's easily accessible

You can access to your reports or certificates from anywhere in the world.

Compile your technical dossiers intelligently

Getting your powerful database ready effortlessly

Free Sign Up

  • Create your ICW account ID and enjoy basic plan of 2GB cloud storage
3 Steps

Import Reports/Certificates

  • ICW AI Technology
  • Laboratory integration through your account ID

Database is now ready

  • Execute performance analysis
  • Set reports/certificates expiry alert
  • Access/share online by desktop or mobile
  • Keep technical files (TCF) for lifetime

If you haven't signed up yet, try it now with 2GB cloud storage for free!