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Support keeps you up to date with the most recent regulations & standards and helps you anywhere whenever you need it.

24/7 availability

Our readily accessible, up-to-date database brings you the answers you need at any time.

Practical advice

ICW offers live consultation, finding appropriate regulatory standards and requirements your product should follow.

World class expertise

Our expert team have over 20 years of experience in laboratories, helping you to answer your questions.

Technical documentation framework per Europe CE marking directives

Gain access to ICW’s technical documentation framework which is written in accordance to Europe’s CE marking directives. It provides a full checklist that matches CE marking specifications, making product conformity straightforward for you while giving you greater transparency and control.

Ready to use on-demand

Conformity templates

We implement conformity templates that make the complex conformity process clear and undemanding. These are a set of guidelines that reduce the risk of costly impedance. Several conformity templates are included in the database, such as:

  • Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

  • General Certificate of Conformity (GCC)

  • Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)

Free advice on product compliance regulations & standards

ICW Support will provide consultation of product non-conformity analysis, as well as advice on the corrective action plan you should take. We will also provide advice and guidance on the different types of factory audits, as well as compliance regulations and standards that could potentially affect your product.

  • Non-conformity analysisConsultation of product non-conformity analysis, advice on the corrective action plan.

  • Advisory to corrective action planIdentify any problems regarding non-conformance of your product. ICW will provide corrective suggestions to solve the issue of your product's non-conformance.

  • Advisory product compliance regulation & standardsWe'll help you know about what regulatory safety standards your product should follow and comply with.

Enjoy worldwide access to our experts for up-to-date advice

ICW Support delivers readily available consultation and advice with our team of experts. We will come to your assistance wherever you need it equipped with the latest news to provide professional advice.

  • No laboratory biasGet fast and neutral advice free from any parties’ influence.

  • SimplicityProvided with proper guidance for your complicated projects.

  • Rich technical databaseOne-stop technical hub for a wide range of product categories and markets.

  • Factory audit guidanceAdvice & Guidance of different Factory Audit(s).

Despite my experience in manufacturing and product compliance, it was tricky to determine with certainty all the certification requirements, as we were not designing a standard product. ICW synthesised all laboratories' answers so we were able to choose the best option for us.

Peter P. LAMHead of Manufacturing