Need help managing your intricate supply chain system?

If you are struggling to manage an intricate supply chain system, ICW is your keystone to effortlessly orchestrate all your compliance documents and partners.

Discover and connect with high performing suppliers

ICW Manage provides a systematic platform which allows you to interconnect with suppliers and manage your products.

Manage and synchronise with your partners

The online system will grant you the ability to share or transfer documents to your business collaborator, as well as managing your factory shipments.

Tap into new insights and powerful business intelligence

ICW Analytics provides you with continually evolving insights and up-to-date business intelligence from your business performance.

Handle problematic and complex compliance tasks with ease

ICW provides a single platform to supervise all your suppliers and products with higher efficiency and transparency. With the help of ICW Manage and Analyse, compliance has never been easier

  • Unified mass communication

    Simplify your communication chains by sending mass messages to all of your suppliers in one go.

  • Easy relationship management

    Strengthen and establish new partnerships with vendors, buyers and other worldwide testing, inspection and certification bodies.

  • Detailed factory monitoring

    Analyse factory and product profiles, and ensure they are operating in accordance with regulations.

Your requestsRequest #188-97-ZRequest #188-97-Z - Factory Audit Progress
P.O #TestingAuditInspectionTCFDeadline
Supplier ABC
CompleteIn ProgressPending-01/02/2019
Supplier DEF
PendingIn ProgressPendingComplete01/01/2019
Supplier GHJ
CompleteCompleteIn ProgressComplete15/12/2018
Supplier ZYZ
In ProgressPendingPendingPending20/12/2018
Supplier POL
  • Product TestingComplete
  • Factory AuditComplete
  • Inspection ServiceIn Progress
  • TCFComplete
Purchase Order ID#188-97-Z
Country of DestinationFrance
Shipment Date01/01/2019
Product TestingApprove
Progress logLast updated 25/11/2018
Report documentstesting-results_final.pdf Download
Lab nameLaboratory A12
Issue date01/12/2018
Factory AuditApprove
Progress logLast updated 12/12/2018
Inspection Service
StatusIn Progress
Progress logNo updates
  • Dec 1212:00 PM
  • Dec 1006:20 PM
  • Dec 0208:00 AM
  • Nov 2609:30 PM
  • Nov 2007:15 PM
  • Nov 1308:30 AM
  • Supplier GHJUpdate received from factory. Certificate successfully issued.
  • FactoryAuditing results are complete. Certificate is in progress.
  • Supplier GHJProgress update
  • FactoryProgress update
  • Supplier GHJProgress update
  • FactoryProgress update

Visibility to each dynamic across the supply chain, providing timely tracking and traceability

ICW is accompanied with innovative modules that centralises and analyses all business data, sorting it into categories like relevant products and suppliers. This provides clear objectives and business performance data to improve the efficiency of your supply chain compliance process.

  • Comprehensive projects dashboardCustomisable dashboard that showcases all your past product and shipment orders to give you complete visibility and control.

  • Project status overviewUp-to-date status overviews for your factory, products and shipments all on one platform.

  • Latest legal regulationsDocuments are always updated according to current legal regulations.

  • Readily available cloud databaseDocuments are available online 24/7 and regularly backed up to prevent loss of important data.

In-depth analytical tools that gets smarter as your business grows

Beyond your personalised dashboard, our analytical tool will allow you analyse further any data we collected. Get pragmatic insight of your partners performances, with specific metrics on pass/fail rates, costs (and historic of all the price of quotations), time, etc.

  • Forecast project performance metrics

    Review your pass or fail rates for all your projects, as well as your pending rates and average costs from various perspectives (product type, period, project type, partner, etc.)

  • Industry performance benchmarking

    Review each and every one of your product to ensure they are performing well by comparing your own performance against the industry.

Pass ratebyInspection type
  • Inspection typePass rate
  • Initial Product Inspection81.1%
  • On-site Inspection92.5%
  • During Product Inspection64%
  • Sample Collection36.7%
  • Final Random Inspection98.2%
  • Fabric Inspection70%
  • Loading Check59%
QC ExpensesbyPeriod
Last 12 months
  • AUG - SEP$2,062.25
  • JUL - AUG$3,804.04
  • JUN - JUL$2,811.10
  • MAY - JUN$1,320.10
  • APR - MAY$908.53
  • MAR - APR$820.15
  • FEB - MAR$1,044.18
  • JAN - FEB$1,191.10
Quarterly basis
  • Q3/18$5,866.29
  • Q2/18$5,039.73
  • Q1/18$3,055.43
  • Q4/17$4058.18
  • Q3/17$2878.16
  • Q2/17$4328.15
  • Q1/17$888.18
Fail ratebyP.O. Value
  • P.O. ValueFailure rate
    (out of 100 hours)
  • More than $100k1.2%
  • $80k - $100k1.6%
  • $60k - $80k2.1%
  • $40k - $60k1.8%
  • $20k - $40k2.1%
  • Less than $20k1.1%
AQL analysisbyDefect rate
  • Percent defectiveType A
    Lot Size = 100
    Type B
    Lot Size = 100
  • 0%1.01.0
  • 5%0.4910.513
  • 10%0.2310.254
  • 15%0.1040.121
  • 20%0.0440.055
  • 25%0.0180.024
  • 30%0.0070.010
  • 35%0.0020.004
  • 40%0.0010.001
The platform is well structured and makes compliance work much more efficient.

Jenny LAIMerchandising Manager, Giochi Preziosi