Your centralised collaboration platform for efficient supply chain management

A well-structured platform to manage massive compliance documents, increasing efficiency and transparency.

Streamline your workflow

All components of the compliance process combined into one hub.

Enhance transparency

Trace every detail of your projects and clarify your entire compliance process.

Reduce shipment delay costs

Minimise costly shipment delays through notifications and never miss any critical deadlines.

Customise and centralise your QA Flow

ICW Manage provides a centralised design allowing you to manage both your collaborator’s and product’s compliance with regulatory requirements all in one place. The platform gives you clear control in which you have the ability to customise to ensure QA flow - minimising potentially costly losses.

Customise your QA plan

Setup your QA plan by adding or removing modules.

Test Report

  • Deadline:


  • Test requirement


Factory Audit

  • Deadline:


  • Request Audit Type:

  • Quality system


  • Social responsibility audit


Inspection service

  • Deadline:


  • Preferred inspection level

    No preference

  • Your Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)

  • Major AQL


  • Minor AQL


  • Past test plan:


Your requestsRequest #188-97-ZRequest #188-97-Z - Factory Audit Progress
P.O #TestingAuditInspectionTCFDeadline
Supplier ABC
CompleteIn ProgressPending-01/02/2019
Supplier DEF
PendingIn ProgressPendingComplete01/01/2019
Supplier GHJ
CompleteCompleteIn ProgressComplete15/12/2018
Supplier ZYZ
In ProgressPendingPendingPending20/12/2018
Supplier POL
  • Product TestingComplete
  • Factory AuditComplete
  • Inspection ServiceIn Progress
  • TCFComplete
Purchase Order ID#188-97-Z
Country of DestinationFrance
Shipment Date01/01/2019
Product TestingApprove
Progress logLast updated 25/11/2018
Report documentstesting-results_final.pdf Download
Lab nameLaboratory A12
Issue date01/12/2018
Factory AuditApprove
Progress logLast updated 12/12/2018
Inspection Service
StatusIn Progress
Progress logNo updates
  • Dec 1212:00 PM
  • Dec 1006:20 PM
  • Dec 0208:00 AM
  • Nov 2609:30 PM
  • Nov 2007:15 PM
  • Nov 1308:30 AM
  • Supplier GHJUpdate received from factory. Certificate successfully issued.
  • FactoryAuditing results are complete. Certificate is in progress.
  • Supplier GHJProgress update
  • FactoryProgress update
  • Supplier GHJProgress update
  • FactoryProgress update

Enhance transparency throughout entire supply chain

An increased level of control and visibility to each dynamic across the supply chain, allowing you to manage all your projects successfully by effortlessly tracing every detail from your factories and laboratories.

Strengthen collaborative bonding and networking

ICW Manage will allow you to broaden your professional network. This is done by strengthening and establishing partnerships with vendors, buyers and/or integrated worldwide testing, inspection and certification companies. This will help secure your position in the industry, creating a foundation for success.

  • VendorsService providersCertification companiesInspection labsTesting facilitiesBuyers

Integrate with your pre-existing workflow

Integrating ICW Manage with your suppliers and QA team is easy and straightforward.


Activate a request with a customised QA plan to your supplier.


Supplier will upload requested document and report.


Uploaded document can be sent to corresponding QA team/Lab for review.


Once the QA Team/Lab approves and completes the QA work, you can activate the next QA task or shipment arrangement.

Best-in-class supply chain management tools

ICW Manage empowers you with the best-in-class supply chain management tools. Use ICW as your go-to system to manage your entire supply chain process.

  • Tracking Timely tracking system with automatic reminder function.

  • Document management Effective at managing massive compliance documents & suppliers.

  • Partnership Strengthen and establish partnerships with vendors and buyers.

Thanks to ICW Manage, we saw a reduction in shipment delays. Having a single channel to manage our supply chain also helped us enjoy a considerable boost in productivity

Jenny LAI Merchandising Manager