Check product condition and ensure conformity

Inspect is the marketplace to check product condition and conformity at any stage of the production. Consistent inspections which minimise the risk of defective products.

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Initial Production Inspection

Performed until 20% of your production has been completed. An IPC is an inspection of all machinery and materials to be used prior to production. It ensures that product quality is consistent when production starts and acts as a safeguard against potential costly losses.

On-site Inspection / Product Monitoring

An on-site inspection performed during your production. These are frequent inspections that will provide you with reports regarding quality and completion status, putting you in full control of the entire process.

During Production Inspection

Performed when 20-80% of your production has been completed. A DPC is an on-site product inspection performed when product is packed for shipping. Units from completed batches are randomly selected for inspection, informing you of your production status, whether production is on schedule and if product quality is up to standard.

Sample Collection

Performed anytime throughout production to check product consistency. Randomly selected units are taken from production to be tested. This will detailedly inform you of product quality as sample collection is randomly timed and will massively reduce costly risks.

Final Random Inspection

Performed when at least 80% of your production has been completed. This is a Pre-Shipment Inspection which systematically inspects units selected at random from all batches of your order. This is your chance to take corrective action prior product completion, making it an effective last resort for product quality reassurance.

Fabric Inspection

Performed when at least 80% of your product has been completed. Fabric inspection is a visual examination and review of raw fabric materials; it safeguards the quality of the raw materials used. This service is only available for products consisting of fabrics.

Loading Check

Performed after product completion and when awaiting shipment. Check the accuracy of your product’s details and quantity. The inspector will randomly select boxes to verify product details and whether they match specifications provided by you, ensuring your products are shipped as you want them to be. The loading process is strictly supervised and ensures minimal damage of your product.

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ICW Inspect is fulfilled by the top 5 world-leading international inspection organisations who are trusted and have the widest inspection coverage globally.

Reduce the risk of defective products in a timely manner

Goliath is one of our biggest clients. By using ICW Inspect, they were able to greatly reduce the possibility of defective products during their production process. Read the full story here.

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