Thanks to ICW's expertise, we don’t apply for unnecessary and costly testing anymore.

Andy HASBUN Director,Haschel Toys


To improve efficiency and quality of Haschel Toys’ compliance process.


  1. High prices from laboratories when consulting them directly
  2. Spending days (up to a week) with the different exchanges with laboratories
  3. No explanations or advice when a product failed a test
  4. Time was wasted having to redo tests again


Haschel Toys’ main customer was already using ICW platform, so the transition and communication was much simpler. The ICW team guided Haschel Toys to enhance their compliance process by making it more efficient.

Solution & Outcomes

ICW advises us on the most relevant testing to apply for and manages all the exchanges with laboratories to provide the best solution for us. The test reports and compliancy documents are automatically stored in our account, so it has never been easier to share them with our partners.

Now Haschel Toys easily manages its compliance and communication with partners.



ICW provides clear explanations and advice when a test fails. Now that we save time and money with our testing I can focus on what matters the most: the quality and punctuality of our operations.