ICW makes our job easier and everything faster. This is why we used ICW platform to improve efficiency, reduce cost and complexity when dealing with compliance.

Keem IP QA/QC Manager,Goliath Games


Family-owned company looking to strengthen the value of their local QA/QC department to stay true to their slogan “Clever Together!”.


  1. Getting quotations from laboratories for testing and inspection took a long time
  2. It was difficult to summarise all the replies from different laboratories
  3. Unsuccessful attempt to get themselves good prices for the compliance for one of their major customers, Walgreens


ICW gained Goliath’s trust based on our high standard of service and support, as well as having the best rapidity and value for money.

Solution & Outcomes

ICW has successfully provided technical support to Goliath's team for the testing and inspections process.




ICW has improved our efficiency by helping with lab testing and technical reviews. Everything is now more convenient, we have only one point of contact and we always have answers in less than 24h. We save time and money.