Customer Stories

Our customers love using ICW for its simplicity and effectiveness in aiding them in their product compliance. Read their stories to learn more.


The majority of ICW’s clients are companies from the toy industry, meaning we have great experience when dealing with compliance requests regarding toy production.

Internet of Things (IoT)

ICW also caters to several other industries, such as electronics manufacturers and retailers. One of our most recent clients is Origami Labs, an electronics manufacturer and retailer. They enlisted the help of ICW Support, as they had several compliance queries that needed answering.

Enterprise Retailers

ICW caters not only to suppliers, but also retailers - such as Giochi Preziosi. The main way retailers like Giochi Preziosi benefit from ICW is through our transparent network, which consolidates all data and allows them to review their connections and business performance. In addition, they can customise their preferences and manage their entire supply chain effortlessly with a simple mouse click. Through our services, Giochi Preziosi no longer has to waste time and effort organising troublesome records, but rather streamline their compliance process with ICW instead.

Thanks to ICW Manage, we saw a reduction in shipment delays. Having a single channel to manage our supply chain also helped us enjoy a considerable boost in productivity

Jenny LAI Merchandising Manager