Need advice on regulatory requirements for international shipments?

If you are having difficulties with regulatory requirements in terms of new product categories, new markets or new factories, then ICW Support is the product for you.

Keep up-to-date with the latest market information

ICW notifies you when you have to update your reports, due to regulations being updated or because recall case records have occurred.

Make better sense of regulatory requirements

Enhance your knowledge on compliance matters by familiarising yourself with our factory and testing guidelines.

Get on-demand consultation from our compliance experts

Our experts provide you with advice tailored to your needs, such as based on your past exported markets and conducted test items.

Smart alerts and notifications

Our system will automatically notify you 21 days before shipment is due, to prevent shipment delays and avoid potentially costly losses. You will also be alerted with any shipment updates for enhanced management.

Complete compliance assistance

ICW Support consists of an online enquiry system to guide you in any compliance issues you have. We provide full consultation and service as soon as possible. In addition we suggest compliance advice on market trends to minimise the risk of product rejection.

Templates checklist complete guidance

With ICW Support, several technical documents and checklists for factories to complete will be provided. This way you will be sure to complete your audit successfully, and avoid any potential retakes.

Ready to use on-demand

ICW drastically simplified the certification and testing selection process for us.

Peter P. LAM Head of Manufacturing,Origami Labs