Evaluate your factories qualifications and operations

Manufacturers and suppliers use ICW Audit as a platform to evaluate factories’ qualifications and operations, thereby reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Fully fledged evaluation of your factories at a glance

Evaluate factories’ qualifications, management systems, capabilities and capacities. Ensure factories comply with regulations and laws such as labour, work environment, ethics, social responsibility and anti-terrorism laws etc.

  • Labour Laws

  • Work Environment

  • Social Responsibility

  • Anti-terrorism

  • Ethics

  • Compliant

Backup complete

Explicit and secure documentation of your certificates

Once your audit is completed, documentation of the audit will be uploaded online, securely stored in our database. By digitising your factory audit certificate, the risk of losing the certificate is greatly reduced. When an inspection occurs, your certificate will be available to show the inspector meaning an unnecessary repeat of your audit will be avoided.

Connection at your fingertips

ICW Audit will allow you to connect to a professional consultation advisor. The advisor will provide training and assistance to you, and you will be able to contact and consult the advisor with any queries or issues.

Wide range of support for all sorts of factory audit needs

Numerous certifications available as shown below, ICW Audit provides everything you need.

    Factory certification
  • ISO 9001
  • GMP
  • FSC
  • ISO 14000
  • OHSAS 18000
    Quality audit
  • FA
  • BRC
  • QDA
  • SQP
    Social responsibility
  • BSCI
  • ICTI
  • SA8000
  • WRAP
    Security audit
  • C-TPAT
  • SCAN
  • GSV

Customer factory auditing made simple

Discover and research various factory auditing requirements that you need on our readily available platform. ICW experts will provide professional advice on these requirements and guide you through the entire process. Connect to leading laboratories worldwide on our intricate network to obtain the requirements you require.

Simple and straightforward pricing

Manday rates are competitively priced and made transparent for easy accounting.

USD 630 Up


Through the crucial services of ICW, our company acquired the ISO22716 GMPC certificate on the third of April. As a result of the prestigious certificate our company was able to establish a trusting relationship with our supplier, enabling us to create more orders. In addition, after eagerly implementing ISO22716, all our employees have heightened knowledge on QA in every aspect. On top of that, the certificate sparked interest in new clients to our company for inspection and business discussions. There have already been three companies that would like to partner with us up to now thanks to ICW.

Ms. Sara Wang Quality Manager

Zhangzhou Zhongnan Nursing Products Co., Ltd.

We are extremely grateful for the compliance service and advice that ICW has given! They are constantly available to solve demanding business problems, especially in crucial moments. Not only this, their service is both tactical and attentive. We hope there will be numerous opportunities to work together in the future, to flourish and expand our businesses together.

Ms. Wu Sheng Nan Vice-General Manager