Big data powered analytics for smarter business management

While using our products, our system generates business performance data available to you at just the click of a button.

A growing business means a growing supply chain. This usually results in an increased number of issues for your company to solve, such as scattered data points and complicated processes. ICW Analytics solves this by growing alongside with you.

Unified source of your data

A clear overview of your projects using data collected on one platform.

Evaluate information at-a-glance

Evaluate and analyse business performance on one platform

Forecast risks with business intelligence

Manage business risk in advance through data provided by the platform.

Get business data and analytics to improve your business performance

Our new Analytics feature will record all transactions within your business on our database, creating a productive analytical tool that will allow you to customise, compare and generate necessary business data to aid you in monitoring your supplier’s performances worldwide.

Managing risk for your organisation

With ICW Analytics the risk of making costly mistakes during your project is greatly reduced. Analytics provides you access to certain statistics that will highlight areas of concern, for example if you have underperforming partners (e.g laboratories or suppliers) or if you have an unusually high cost of production for your product.

Captures all useful data for you

Customise, compare and generate necessary business data to help you monitor your supplier’s performances worldwide. Analyse the data provided to display useful business performance statistics, giving a clear overview of performance. This highlights weaknesses and fortifies strengths allowing you to enhance your business performance.

Pass ratebyInspection type
  • Inspection typePass rate
  • Initial Product Inspection81.1%
  • On-site Inspection92.5%
  • During Product Inspection64%
  • Sample Collection36.7%
  • Final Random Inspection98.2%
  • Fabric Inspection70%
  • Loading Check59%
QC ExpensesbyPeriod
Last 12 months
  • AUG - SEP$2,062.25
  • JUL - AUG$3,804.04
  • JUN - JUL$2,811.10
  • MAY - JUN$1,320.10
  • APR - MAY$908.53
  • MAR - APR$820.15
  • FEB - MAR$1,044.18
  • JAN - FEB$1,191.10
Quarterly basis
  • Q3/18$5,866.29
  • Q2/18$5,039.73
  • Q1/18$3,055.43
  • Q4/17$4058.18
  • Q3/17$2878.16
  • Q2/17$4328.15
  • Q1/17$888.18
Fail ratebyP.O. Value
  • P.O. ValueFailure rate
    (out of 100 hours)
  • More than $100k1.2%
  • $80k - $100k1.6%
  • $60k - $80k2.1%
  • $40k - $60k1.8%
  • $20k - $40k2.1%
  • Less than $20k1.1%
AQL analysisbyDefect rate
  • Percent defectiveType A
    Lot Size = 100
    Type B
    Lot Size = 100
  • 0%1.01.0
  • 5%0.4910.513
  • 10%0.2310.254
  • 15%0.1040.121
  • 20%0.0440.055
  • 25%0.0180.024
  • 30%0.0070.010
  • 35%0.0020.004
  • 40%0.0010.001

Powerful performance reviews

Collects data from different users and generates a business performance review per their preferable parameters. This gives you a clear overview over business activities.

Stay ahead of the competition

By collecting business data, ICW Analytics will prevent you from falling behind your competitors. As well as gathering data from your projects, ICW Analytics will also give you access to certain project statistics of other ICW users, illustrating your performance in similar projects by comparing differences. This will sanction opportunities for improvements or corrective action to stay ahead of rival companies.